Our trip to the Ballet!

Today our school is going in to Edinburgh. We are going there because we are all going to see the Mid-summer Night Dream, witch is a story that William Shakspeare wrote. I love Ballet’s and this would be my 3rd one, we also went to see last year, the three Muskiters.
I can’t wait to go!!!!!!

from *Artser*

The magic microphone (part 3)

“ONLY THE POLICE!”Emma screamed. Emma’s mum ran like litning.”Are you ok?”Emma’s mum said.Emma said “yes.”Whay did you scream?”Emma’s mum said.I that that are microphone moved on its own.”Emma you are deriming.”said Emma’s mum.Emma that to herself “it did move and I am going to provit.But what shod I do?”Suddenly the lights thurnd on.Emma ran to her room like a dog chasing a cat.While she was in here room; she thouth of a plan.

To be continue…


world war 2 project

We are doing a project about wourld war 2.We have to write a 3 chapter project about world war 2.I am doing about the role of women during world war 2.

”Kimmie star”

Bugsy Malone

Do you know the film Bugsy Malone?
We are doing a play about Bugsy Malone.
we have a additions for serten parts.
Are additions are on the 26th february.

you can go on google and write youtube and then write
Bugsy Malone.


Dalguise Video

Hi if you go on youtube you can put in Dalguise PGL.You can watch us at Dalguise.It has me and all my friends and us doing the activites.

The Phenom

Space Exploration and the Planets

Our class project is about Space so far we have been looking at websites,writing what we want to find out.Here is a link to our wiki click P7 and pick a site


Here is the link…>

Scary parts of Dalguise!

Wow what a time we had at Dalguise, it was great fun and the food was amazing. The scary things for me were the giant swing, the cat walk, trapeze and abseiling.

On the giant swing you got tied up in a massive harness and you got pulled up with a rope. Then you pulled a rope and 2 seconds later…woosh! It felt like you lost your stomach at the top, it was an amazing experience.

The cat walk was really scary, there is 2 wooden poles attached to 2 trees. It was at an incredible height and you had to climb up staples on a tree. Then you had to walk across the tree and when you get to the other side you had a decision to make…You could either go up an other pair of staples to the top or jump down.

On the trapeze you had to climb up a tree with staples on it and when you got to the top you had to jump for a trapeze.

At abseiling you had to walk up stairs and at the top you got harnessed up. Then you moon walked about a 1/4 of the way and jumped the rest.

Thanks for reading my post about Dalguise, hope you get to go one day.

Mr Midget


On a school holiday i went up to Aberdeen to visit my cousins.It was great the first day but the next day it was even better we went to Codonas.It was brilliant i went on the biggest rolacoster at the park and went on a really wet ride.

from *kimmie star*


This Hallaween Kimmi star,Lola,Jimjams and I all went Gising [the Scottish word for Trick or Treating]and it was AMAZING! We all went up and down my street and around Lola’s block and Kimi star’s block and we must have each about 100 sweets because of all the doors we went to. Lola was a witch and so was I Kimi star was a fire fighter and Jimjams was a grim.I can’t wait untill next year.

By ***Artster***


Hi it’s shorty I’m a house captain and I have to put down a wreath at a graveyard and i’m a little bit freaked out about going there,but i have to get over my fears.


Gran Canaria

In the October holidays I went to Gran Canaria it was scorching.Whilst their I met my 2 aunties and uncles surprisingly but they did not bring there children aww.I met some boys that I played with they were cool until one of them threw a cat at my face not a pretty sight I was gushing with blood.


Halloween birthday

On halloween it’s my Grandads birthday.When we go over we dunk for apples and monkey nuts.This year my brother put my face right under the water for 30 seconds.We where quiet happy but sad because my Grans and Grandads dog died . :(

by bart

The funniest day at Dlalguise

Hi my funniest day at dalguise was on the Thursday when i was on the giant swing with my friend Jambo. when you were getting pulled up by your friends you have to pull a cord that when we went on it almost got stuck so we were shouting and pulling when Zoooom went flying


Our Hallowe’en Lanterns

In Scotland a traditional lantern is made from a turnip – A turnip

Some people choose pumpkins these days which are easier to carve, but we decided to try a variety of fruits and vegetables to see if they could make good lanterns too…

See how we did with melons, red peppers, potatoes…….pineapples………….a butternut squash………………

Link here…>


Hi I went to Rome in the october holidays. On my favourite day we went to the coloseum and it held 50,000 people. There was another stadium (that is knocked down now) called the Curces Maximas that held 300,000 people and, the biggest staidium now holds 120,000 people. I also went to the spanish steps and St.Peters square, the pope lives in St.Peters squre.

Mr Midget

The magic microphone (part 2)

Suddenly there was a bang on the window! Emma was terified like a spider being caught. She screamed when the lights went out because of a power cut.She ran down the stairs like a cheetah. Once Emma found her mum.She squeezed her so tight like she was a cub to it’s mother after being lost. Emma got a fright when there was a load knock on the door since it was so quiet. Her mum answered the door “it’s only the police” said her mum peacefuly.”It’s only the police Emma said to herself quietly.”ONLY THE POLICE!”she screamed To be continue…

!!!Chune in next time for more!!!

by Alma*


P7 cut out outlines of sumo bodies and legs and arms.Some were small and some were large but they are quite cool.We all put them together with paper fastners.

The phenom


Recently i went to the big apple New York City.I learned very intresting facts about the city.I learned that the Empire State buildaing his 102 floors to it.In Time Square there are plasma screen tv’s on top of buildings advertising about the latest things out also there is the biggest toy shop in the world toys are us inside it has a ferris wheel going throw 3 floors.You can get tour buses all over the city uptown ,downtown and the night tour.Central park is 2 miles long it has a mini zoo inside.The Statue of Liberty is on Ellis island.You can’t go to the top anymore.The shops there are spectiacular so if your a girl a don’t think we’ll get you out of there easily.There are two bridges the Brooklyn birdge and the Mannhaten bridge both leading to Brooklyn and Mannhaten.

The hotel that i was satying at was right next to Central park it was called the Hilton New York and on the last night the president of Iran was staying there.I also went to ground zero that was were the Twin Towers used to be until plain’s crashed into them way back in 2001.Now they are making an other tower called the Fredom tower. Smally

The Magic micraphon

Emma went to play in the giant colourful park but no one was there! It was really unusual for her.But then she saw someone else.”Could it be, No it can’t be NO,NO,NO!” she said to herself. Emma rushed home like a cheetah chasing it’s pray.When Emma got home she heard her mum calling her she was saying “How was your day Emma?”. Emma just ignored her and she ran to her damp room. She sat on her old,ugly rusty bed.Then she heard a bang on her window…

What happens next ? Do you want to find out? Come back next week!

From Alma

heart beat


A school from Germany has now visited our blog it’s very exicting. We have had some visits some other countrys such as India and America

The Phenom


We have just been told what things we will be doing.We are do climbing,rifle shotting,the giant swing thats were you get pulled up between to polls then you pull a pin then you swing.We are all excited

by bart :)

MY friend and my cousin birthday

Do you know my birthday was 4 days ago.When my Mum comes from her holaday she is going to throw me a party.
And do you know something that my friends birhday is today and on the 24 it is my cousin birthday i’m going to have some busy days.

By Deep

Eco day

Hi today i will talk you through our Eco day. We were talking about saving our energy. We will turn of our light when we are not using them. So at home or in school turn of electricity please. For our homework we need to check our electricity meter. Can you check yours today and friday and see what the difference is.

from Ross

New friends from India

Our blog been visited by a school in India.We believe there from Nepal we have not heard from them yet but i hope we do.So if you come on our page please leave a comment on this post.



Were fishless we have no fish boooooo!!

Yeah we have got fish we have named 2 of them 1 is called ~Nemo named by Nadine of the allstars and the 2nd is called Honda by our teacher.

LU11 and heavenly Angel ~~~~~~~~~~


I am going to New York in 6 days. I am very excited.I am most looking forward to the Empire State building and also the Statue of Liberty.Unfortunately the Central park ice skating rink is only open in the winter.I’m going for my dad’s 50th birthday with my mum and my sister.


Podcast 1

At last! Our first podcast is here! Not every 7aiter takes part in this edition (but they will in the future) and we talk about voting, targets, preparations for Dalguise and our house captains.

Please let us know what you think, give us hints and tips for making our podcast better or ideas for things to talk about next time!

The 7aiters

Podcast 1

Our blog on the up!

Now we have got people visiting our blog from Austrialia, America Germany and loads from the UK. It is great fun and I love getting people on our blog.

Bye for now

Mr Midget

American friends

Our blog has been visited by people from America.I’m guessing there from about Louisiana and Missouri.We don’t no who they are yet but were hoping we will

The Phenom

Finaly got the fish

Today we got our fish.They have gold and silver bodies.We have not called them anything yet. When we put the gravel in the water it went clowdy so we had to change the water.We are now making rules and backgrounds for the tank.Thats all just now.

*****heavenly Angel*****

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